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Love your Firestorm Stove – A handy guide to maintaining your stove!

Over time, everything we own needs a little TLC. A Firestorm Stove is no exception; however, if you follow this simple guide, you can keep your stove looking and performing at its best, year after year.


Getting out what you put in…

In the harsh winter climates, our stoves are heavily relied upon to provide warmth from the cold. As the old saying goes, you get out what you put in! Burning quality fuel will ensure you keep your stove in peak condition. Using well seasoned or kiln dried logs will have fewer impurities than damp or treated wood, thus ensuring a cleaner burn. Using your stove as a means of rubbish disposal is never advisable under any circumstances.


Looking after your glass…

In any stove, using clean fuels will help prevent tar from depositing on the glass (refer to ‘Getting out what you put in’.) A Firestorm Stove comes as standard featuring our innovative HeatStorm Airwash system which forms a barrier of hot air between the glass and the fuel, thus leaving you with a crystal clear view. However, if you find the glass does blacken, we recommend the Firestorm Glass Cleaning Paste which removes the toughest of carbon deposits (it can even be used on your oven!) Also available is the Firestorm Glass Trigger Spray which provides a streak free finish, more suited for day to day use. Both can be purchased from your authorised Firestorm Stove dealer.

If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can dip a moist cloth into the wood ash and use this to clean the glass.

In extreme cases, burning non recommended fuels (as described in your manual) can cause crazing on the glass. Crazing in glass can not be reversed. Replacement stove glass can be sourced from your authorised Firestorm Stove dealer.


Caring for the stove body…

A lint free cloth can wipe away any excess soot, dust or dirt. Dependant on how often you use your stove, the stove body will need repainting from time to time to keep it looking its best. Don’t worry! – it’s completely normal and it’s not as daunting as it sounds. Simply mask off any areas you don’t wish to paint and always spray your stove in a well ventilated area. Leave the stove for a minimum of eight hours before using it (unless otherwise stated.) Upon lighting the stove again, ensure a slow burn to allow the paint to cure.

Authentic Firestorm Stove paint can be purchased from your Firestorm dealer. An aerosol will encourage an easy and even application for the stove body, while the touch up paint provides ease for more intricate areas.

A reputable stove and grate polish can also be used on the stove body.


And for the inside…

Dependant on how much you use your stove, you will often have to clean the inside of your stove body. A vacuum can be used for any remaining (cold) ashes and soot, while small wire brushes can be used for the more intricate areas within the stove body.


Stay safe…

We recommend that you get your stove swept twice a year by a qualified chimney sweep to ensure your chimney and flue pipe are safe for use. Failing to sweep your chimney will produce a build up of soot, tar and creosote. These build ups will decrease the diameter of your chimney, thus reducing the effectiveness of your stove. Furthermore you are exposing yourself to the risks of Carbon Monoxide poisoning and having a chimney fire.

In the event that you have a chimney fire, you may hear a loud roaring sound from within your flue and dark smoke and sparks coming from your chimney pot. Close down your stove immediately by shutting the primary, secondary and tertiary air intakes. Call the fire brigade. Do not attempt to open the fire door as this will only fuel the fire in your chimney.


Wear and tear…

During the summer months, it is an ideal time to undertake any maintenance jobs required to get your Firestorm back to its best. Changing worn rope seals and damaged firebricks are highly recommended. They are classed as consumables and do need replacing from time; it’s completely normal and won’t break the bank!


Following these simple tips will help keep your stove performing to its best year after year. All Firestorm Stove parts can be obtained from your authorised Firestorm Stove dealer.